The Psychology of Divorce and Separation for Divorce Professionals

the psychology of divorce and separationThis course is aimed at divorce professionals including family lawyers, family mediators, divorce coaches and all those working in any capacity in the field of divorce and separation.

At The Davis Centre we believe that truly understanding the psychology of divorce is central to dealing with and managing divorce.

What will you take from this course?

  • An understanding of the process of divorce from a psychological perspective
  • You will become aware of how the pre-divorce stage plays a role in the divorce process
  • You will learn the role of anger and anxiety and how to work with this in order to minimise long-term negative effects on the family and particularly the children
  • You will know the psychological influences of the couple on the legal divorce process
  • You will be able to identify the various psychological positions that the divorcing couples adopt vis-à-vis each other during the divorce process
  • Know what psychological factors are critical in the decision making process