Parenting after Separation and Divorce – How Involved Should Divorce Professionals Be?

This 60 minute talk is suitable for Divorce Lawyers, Judges and Family Mediators as you are the people work closest with families in the depths of the divorce process.

The talk has been put together with the aim of providing you with the latest research on various aspects of divorce and its effects as well as provide you with tools on how to help the children not in the room when dealing with challenging parents.

As a divorce professional, you will gain the following from the talk:

– An understanding of The Divorce Professional’s Role within the family

– Simple and straight forward ways you can help the family beyond the legal realm

– Professional Bystander Effect

– The children not in the room

If you would like to commission us to come and give this talk in your firm or organisation, then do by completing the form below and we will take it from there.